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‘Home Barista’ Workshop (1.5 hrs)

We run through some simple tips and techniques to take your home coffee up a notch. Our friendly baristas will teach you how to get the right grind and how to brew great coffee with a domestic espresso machine and alternative brew methods (Aeropress and Nanopresso).

Tickets are $30
Tickets here

Barista Essentials Training (2.5 hrs)

Aimed at people wanting to work in cafes or existing baristas wanting to fine tune their skills.

Things covered:

- Coffee roasting overview
- Coffee freshness and storage
- Grind levels
- Espresso explained

- Basic techniques to prepare espresso
- Perfecting espresso extraction (dialling-in the grind)
- Milk texturing
- Pouring technique
- Different coffee drink types
- Some practice time at the end

Tickets are $129
Tickets here

Latte Art Masterclass (2hrs)

Aimed at people who have already attended our 'Barista Essentials' training class, or experienced baristas wanting to improve their latte art skills.

We review the milk texturing techniques, before moving on to the practical steps to creating latte art. Finally, we focus on a selection of different patterns such as hearts, rosettas, tulips and swans.

Classes are capped at 4 people, to ensure you get plenty of practical time on the machine. 

Tickets are $129. Check for upcoming classes here

Numbers are limited. Visit our upcoming events page here to book your tickets

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