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Brew Guides

Freshness: Check roast date when buying. As a general rule, coffee is best 3 days to 3 weeks after roasting.

Storage: Avoid heat, moisture and oxygen. Store in an airtight tin or in our resealable bags and just keep in the pantry – NOT in the fridge/freezer!

Blend vs Single Origin: A blend will generally work better with milk-based coffees. Single origins are great for black coffees and filter methods.


(A rough guide only, since not all espresso machines perform the same)

STEP 1: Fill the portafilter basket with freshly ground coffee to capture all the aromas and flavour. We recommend using the double basket rather than the single basket for a more consistent and rich-tasting extraction.

STEP 2: Distribute the coffee evenly in the basket and tamp firmly. Coffee should sit at the groove marking in the basket.

STEP 3: Watch the extraction. Aiming for approx 30ml in 20 seconds as a starting point.

STEP 4: Play with the extraction time to see how it tastes. Ask us if you need any extra guidance.


RECIPE: 16-18g ground coffee (slightly coarser than espresso grind) in 230mL water at 90°C


  • Boil fresh water in kettle and let cool down for a few minutes.
  • While waiting for that, grind your coffee, pre-heat your Aeropress & cup and rinse filter paper.
  • Place Aeropress onto cup and add your coffee (one scoop is approx 18g).

STEP 1: Pour 30mL of water onto the coffee and leave for 30 seconds (this stage is called 'blooming' - delicately releasing aromas & flavours).

STEP 2: Pour 200mL of water slowly and evenly into the Aeropress for around 30 seconds and lightly stir until all coffee is covered.

STEP 3: Place the top piece of the Aeropress in and let brew for another 30 seconds.

STEP 4: Push down/plunge slowly for another 30 seconds. Plunge all the way and stop when you hear air escaping. Flip the Aeropress upside down and you're good to go. Ask us if you need any extra guidance and also about using the 'inverted' method.


As soon as you are finished, simply take off the bottom filter and push the coffee 'puck' into the compost bin (paper filters are compostable).

Moka pot (stove top)

STEP 1: Fill the bottom chamber with water to just below the pressure valve. Hot water is recommended in larger Moka Pots to reduce the risk of burning the coffee whilst on the stove.

STEP 2: Place the filter into the bottom chamber.

STEP 3: Add ground coffee into the filter. The coffee should be ground more coarse than espresso but finer than a filter setting. Do not over pack the filter. Level the grind and wipe away any loose grounds from the edges.

STEP 4: Secure the top and bottom chambers together.

STEP 5: Place the Moka Pot onto the stove (or fire if off grid) and keep on a medium flame. Once you hear the coffee starting to brew into the top chamber (gurgling and hissing noises), back the heat off and allow to finish brewing.

STEP 6: Remove from stove and pour into your favourite cup. Ask us if you need any extra guidance.


Interested in learning more? We host home barista training sessions where you can learn how to brew the best cup of coffee at home.

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