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At Ocean Grind, we're committed to environmentally sustainable practices

  • We do not serve disposable coffee cups. Read more here.
  • We use 100% compostable coffee bags.
  • We offer $1 discount for customers who bring a tin or jar in to fill with coffee beans.
  • All our used coffee grounds get used in gardens.
  • We deilver our coffee to wholesale customers in reusable tins.
  • Our Loring roaster uses up to 80% less CO2 than traditional drum roasters.
  • We endeavour to use coffee from producers using sustainable farming practices.
  • We stockpile all our soft plastics to get recycled.
  • We support Tangaroa Blue with donations to assist their work co-ordinating the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. Plus we organise a series of beach clean-ups throughout the year.

Why bother?

We love the ocean and our beautiful coastline. Fundamentally, we like to think that our kids and our kids’ kids can experience nature as we have. One small coffee business obviously cannot control climate change, nor rid the ocean of plastic waste. However, we can at least do our best to not add to the problem.

Doing all the above actions is a choice we have – and it’s an obvious choice for us. We don’t see it as being 'green’’s really about being smart - being sensible. If there’s a better (less harmful) way of doing something and it’s within our means, then why the hell not do it? We think this should really be the norm.

It is certainly an ongoing process for us and we’ll always keep looking for ways to improve.

What can you do?

Remember your cup, bring a tin for your beans and reuse that carrier tray.

Don’t forget to also compost your used coffee grounds at home – worms love it!

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