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    Ocean Grind is all about fresh, quality coffee. It’s about appreciating the coast and the natural environment. It’s about the allure of the ocean and the grinding waves it produces.

    We like to think coffee and the ocean have a fair bit in common. Whether you surf, swim or walk along the beach, it’s a daily ritual, just like that first coffee in the morning. Both the ocean and coffee are a fix for your senses - an antidote for the soul.

    At our family-owned roastery in Torquay, specialty beans are ethically sourced from all corners of the globe and hand-roasted with care. A variety of bean origins are roasted, taking you on a journey with each batch.

    Our mission is to maximise flavour, while minimising our impact on the environment.

    The coffee

    Take a sip and feel the ocean breeze . . .

    • Specialty grade coffee is what we are all about. We only use 100% Arabica beans, mostly from Central and South America, but also Africa, Indonesia and India.
    • We offer a range of carefully crafted blends and unique single origins, suiting different tastes and brew methods.
    • Our beans are ethically sourced, with a preference for estates using sustainable farming practices and looking after their workers. Some may be certified (e.g. Rainforest Alliance) but we also like to include small, independent farms that are doing the right things by the environment and their workers, but may not necessarily be certified. For more on this click here.

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