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Disposable Cup Phase Out - Be the Change!

At Ocean Grind, we're passionate about coffee, but we also have a love for the ocean and natural environment. We've always tried to incorporate sustainable practices in our business and we have a particular focus on helping prevent marine debris. 
We've always used compostable cups but unless they are disposed of correctly, they generally end up in landfill or worse - in the waterways and ocean. We've done a number of initiatives over the years to help increase the percentage of customers using BYO cups, to help foster positive behaviour change. But if single use cups are still available, they are still an all-too-easy fall back option. So we are taking the next step: from 1st August 2019 we will no longer be serving disposable cups from our roastery cafe. 
We realise that this may negatively impact our customer base, but it's a risk we're willing to take - our mission has always been to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.
There's still plenty of time to prepare our customers for this - and we're trying to make it an easy transition for everyone. Here's how:
1. BYO Cup: same as usual - bring any reusable cup of your own and get 50c discount.
2. HuskeeCup 'swap and go' system: bring your dirty HuskeeCup in and we'll swap it for a fresh one, which will speed up our service. And you still get 50c discount. (Get started by buying a HuskeeCup from us for $15 and we'll even throw in your first three coffees for free!).
3. Mug library: if you forget your reusable cup, just borrow one of ours and keep it if you like.
4. Dine In: take a moment, take a breath and enjoy your coffee in-house.
If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly team.
We're also encouraging other local cafes to get on board with the Huskee swap system and ditch disposable cups. Hopefully we can make the Surf Coast disposable cup free. 

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